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Hey. I'm Inghild, a 14 year old kid from Norway... I decided to join this community because the other ones about nirvana were too obsessed with material possetions (sp) and man... There's alot of  'LyKe OmGZZZ' communities around here as well... Anyway, I've been a fan of nirvana for some years now, and I've later on bought / downloaded songs. I have yet to find one I don't like... I really do like all of the songs. I love Kurt's lyrics, and Dave's drumming (he beats as if he's beating the shit out of Bush) and Krist bass-playing, which to me is the main base of almost all nirvana songs, even though you can't hear it too well.

Nirvana makes covers that are sometimes better than the originals, which I think is rare. I love nirvana so so much, and their music truly has changed my life.

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