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burn all the liars

chicken soup for the nirvana fan's soul :P

devoted to Nirvana; that's what we are
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Welcome to another Nirvana community, devoted to the greatness of the many members that made up one of the best bands in the world at a certain point.

This community is devoted to not only Kurt Cobain, but Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Chad Channing, Dave Foster, Jason Everman, Dan Peters...anyone who was part of Nirvana at any point.

Be nice to other members. Don't join if you're a 'kurt is s000 h@wt h3y 1 d1dnt kn0w h3 w@s d3@d' fangirl. Also, don't join if you don't know who Krist Novoselic or Dave Grohl are.

happy posting! ^_^