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underneath the bridge

hey all, new and just saying whats up. Nirvana kicks ass! bleach is my favrite album of all nirvana albums cuz its the first and its the best. r.i.p. k.d.c. 1967-1994.

all apologies,
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Hey hey and welcome.

Please, its = it's, whats = what's, cuz = 'cause/because.
hey thanx, and sorry 4 my lack of spelling lol


Hey thanks, and sorry for my lack of spelling.


It just annoys me when people butcher the English language.
no problem.

hey I just want to say welcome. praises for loving nirvana.
I just wanted to say I love nirvana's music and apprecitate the themes within their lyrics but, I'm not all that familiar with their history. I'm not trying to pose as a nirvana obsessed fan but, I would like to learn more about them, perhaps through this community. To be truthfully honest the only song I've heard from them is "Teen Spirit" and immediately fell in love with them. If there are any songs that you know of and can recommend so that I can burn them, let me know.
all apologies
heartshaped box
pennyroyal tea
you know you're right
something in the way
In Bloom
Come as you are
-all songs you definitely need to listen to.
Here's some info-
-Nirvana was originall named Fecal Matter before they signed to a label.
-Kurt Donald Cobain,lead guitar and vocalist, was born on Feb 20, 1967 and died Apr.5 1994.
-has daughter by Courtney Love, Francis Bean.
-Dave Grohl was the drummer and now the main member of Foo Fighters.

well, you can look up pretty much everything.
this should help nuff. c-ya
thanks for the information!
you are welcome. anytime.
I woluld like to know if there are any rules that I have to oblige to before joining this comunity. Many, communities that I have visted have a strict regulation on do's and dont's and I want to know if threre are regulations to this community also.